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Other Nordic Authors

Other Nordic Authors
This page is very much a work in progress.

If you enjoy Henning Mankell's crime fiction, you might enjoy novels from some of Scandinavia's other top writers. Here's a short list of authors who have been recommended by people on the Inspector Wallander mailing list.

Another great place to learn about Nordic authors are the German crime websites - two good ones are Krimi Couch and Schweden Krimi. Even if you don't understand German, you can browse through their list of authors and then look those names up at an English-language bookshop.

Additional suggestions are welcome so please email us with authors that you like. If you would like to write a short blurb about an author's work, send it to use and we will try to get it posted.

Flag Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö
The husband and wife writing team responsible for the classic Swedish police procedural series featuring Inspector Martin Beck.

Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander novels are considered by many to be a spiritual successor to the Beck series.

Recommended by Emerson:
  I've found "Cop Killer" to be one of the best, but you need to have a better handle on the characters to get the full impact of the book. (It's the ninth in the series.) I started completely out of chronological order with "The Laughing Policeman," which is a good one. However, I have to side with others I've read on the 'Net and recommend "Roseanna" for a first-timer, although "The Laughing Policeman" or "The Man Who Went Up In Smoke" would be a good second read. After that, try either "Cop Killer" or "The Fire Engine That Disappeared."  

Books in the series:

English Title Original Title Date Links
Roseanna Roseanna 1965  
The Man Who Went Up In Smoke Mannen som gick uppi i rök 1966  
The Man on the Balcony Mannen pa balkongen 1967  
The Laughing Policeman Den skrattande polisen 1968  
The Fire Engine That Disappeared Brandbilen som försvann 1969  
Murder at the Savoy Polis, polis, potatismos 1970  
The Abominable Man Den vedervärdige mannen fran säffle 1971  
The Locked Room Det slutna rummet 1972  
Cop Killer Polismördaren 1974  
The Terrorists Terroristerna 1975  


Flag Liza Marklund
Best-selling thrillers featuring reporter Annika Bengtzon.

Books in the series:

English Title Original Title Date Links
The Bomber Sprängaren 1998  
Studio Sex Studio sex 1999  
Paradise Trust Paradiset 2000  
Prime Time Prime time 2002  
The Red Wolf Den röda vargen 2003  
Asylum Granted Asyl 2004  


Flag Jan Guillou
Flag Karin Alvtegen
Flag Håkan Nesser


Flag Helene Tursten
Flag Kerstin Ekman
Flag Kjell Eriksson
Flag Karin Fosum
Beloved Poona
Flag Anne Holt
Flag Kjersti Scheen
Flag Gunnar Staalesen
Flag Pernille Rygg
Flag Peter Høeg
Flag Arnaldur Indridason
Inspector Erlendur, Jar City,
Flag Leena Lehtolainen
Flag Taavi Soininvaara
Flag ???