The site for English-speaking fans of Henning Mankell’s detective series
featuring Kurt Wallander of Ystad, Sweden.
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the correct order to read the Wallander series in?
A: You can find the correct order on the Timeline page.

Q: How do you pronounce "Wallander" and "Ystad" in Swedish?
A: I am not a native Swedish speaker but here is the best that I have come up with (corrections welcome). Wallander is pronounced as "vall-ahn-dur". Ystad is pronounced as "ee-stad". Watching the Swedish films is a good way to hear the native pronunciation.

Q: What films have been made for the Kurt Wallander series?
A: Currently, there are well over 20 films and TV shows that have been produced. You can see a list on the Film & DVD Info page.

Q: Where can I purchase DVDs for Mankell's films?
A: Swedish web sites, and are good places to order from.

Q: When will new books from Henning Mankell be published in English?
A: I do not have any inside information but I have telephoned the publishers in most of the English-speaking countries. You can find a list of what they have told me on the Publishing Schedule page.

Q: How can I write to Henning Mankell?
A: Random House, his publisher in the UK, will accept postal mail on his behalf and they promise to forward it to him. You can get the postal address on the Henning Mankell page.

Q: How can I get Henning Mankell's autograph?
A: I do not know.

Q: What is Henning Mankell's email address?
A: I do not know. He has never made it public that I have seen.