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The Man from Beijing
Originally published in Swedish as Kinesen in 2007.

The Man from Beijing a new novel from Henning Mankell that is not connected to the Wallander series. The central character is Birgitta Roslin, a judge, who investigates the massacre of 18 people in a small village. Mankell has described the story as a look at China's impact on Africa.

From Random House:
One cold January day the police are called to a sleepy little hamlet in the north of Sweden where they discover a savagely murdered man lying in the snow. As they begin their investigation they notice that the village seems eerily quiet and deserted. Going from house to house, looking for witnesses, they uncover a crime unprecedented in Swedish history.

When Judge Birgitta Roslin reads about the massacre, she realises that she has a family connection to one of the couples involved and decides to investigate. A nineteenth-century diary and a red silk ribbon found in the forest nearby are the only clues.

What Birgitta eventually uncovers leads her into an international web of corruption and a story of vengeance that stretches back over a hundred years, linking China and the USA of the 1860s with modern-day Beijing, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and coming to a shocking climax in London’s Chinatown.

The Man from Beijing is both a gripping and perceptive political thriller and a compelling detective story.


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Book Information
Language Title Publication Date Translator
Flag of Sweden Swedish Kinesen 2007 N/A
Flag of the United Kingdom English The Man from Beijing 2010 Laurie Thompson
Flag of Germany German Der Chinese 2008 Wolfgang Butt
Flag of The Netherlands Dutch De Chinees 2008 Corry van Bree
Flag of France French ??    
Flag of Italy Italian ??    
Flag of Spain Spanish ??    
Flag of Spain Catalan ??    
Flag of Spain Basque ??    
Flag of Norway Norwegian ??    
Flag of Finland Finnish ??    
Flag of Denmark Danish ??    
Flag of Iceland Icelandic ??    
Flag of Portugal Portuguese ??    
Flag of Greece Greek ??    
Flag of Poland Polish ??    
Flag of Slovenia Slovenian ??    
Flag of Turkey Turkish ??    
Flag of Japan Japanese ??    
Flag of South Korea Korean ??    
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese ??    

Film Information
Yellow Bird Germany is producing a film based on this novel.

Product List
Image Title Notes Vendor
Product Thumbnail Kinesen Flag Publisher: Leopard Förlag
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 582
ISBN: 9789173431705
Released: 2008
Status: In Print
Markets:  Flag
Product Thumbnail The Man from Beijing Publisher: Harvill Secker
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 368
ISBN: 1846552575, 978-1846552571
Released: 2010-01-10
Status: In Print
Markets:  Flag
Product Thumbnail The Man from Beijing Publisher: Knopf
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 384
ISBN: 0307271862, 978-0307271860
Released: 2010-02-16
Status: In Print
Markets:  Flag Flag
Product Thumbnail Der Chinese Flag Publisher: Zsolnay
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 603
ISBN: 3552054367, 978-3552054363
Released: 2008-May-19
Status: In Print
Markets:  Flag