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The Pyramid
Originally published in Swedish as Pyramiden in 1999 and later translated into German as Die Pyramide.

The Pyramid is a collection of 5 short stories plus an additional prologue (written especially for German fans) which gives readers more insight into the personal life of Kurt Wallander. While it was written after the 8th novel, Firewall, the events depicted in The Pyramid take place well before Faceless Killers, making it 1st chronologically in the series. The first story takes place in 1979 while the final occurs in 1989. In the stories, the reader sees Wallander on his first case and also before he meets his future wife Mona. In reviews it is often noted that there is very little tension built-up in the stories (except The Pyramid), usually attributed to the fact that they are so short.

The unconfirmed English translation of the titles for each of the short stories is:

  • Wallander's First Case
  • The Man with the Mask
  • The Man at the Beach
  • The Death of the Photographer
  • The Pyramid

When Kurt Wallander first appeared in "Faceless Killers" back in 1990, he was a senior police officer, just turned forty, with his life in a mess. His wife had left him, his father barely acknowledged him; he ate badly and drank alone at night. "The Pyramid" chronicles the events that led him to such a place. We see him in the early years, doing hours on the beat whilst trying to solve a murder off-duty; witness the beginnings of his fragile relationship with Mona, the woman he has his heart set on marrying; and learn the reason behind his difficulties with his father. These thrilling tales provide a fascinating insight into Wallander's character, and demand to be read in one sitting. From the stabbing of a neighbour in 1969 to a light aircraft accident in 1989, every story is a vital piece of the "Wallander" series, showing Mankell at the top of his game. Featuring an introduction from the author, "The Pyramid" is an essential read for all fans of Kurt Wallander.

Translated from the Swedish by Martin in Stockholm:
Mossby Beach on the morning 11 December 1989.

A Piper Cherokee airplane crashes down and starts to burn. All the passengers and the pilots are dead in a minute. Kurt Wallander at the police in Ystad, is introduced to this case. After a time he realises that there is no plane missing....

At the same time, a house were two sisters live is burning. When the police arrive they find the house burning and the sisters dead. But when Nyberg searches the place he finds that the two burned sisters have bullets in their heads. Who has murdered two old sisters?

The book The Pyramid takes a step back, it tells about the life of Kurt Wallander before 1990. It tells about the time between 1969-1989, from the time when Wallander was a police at Malmö to that he meets his father at a Egyptian police station in Cairo.

With this book the Kurt Wallander Mystery Series ends.


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Book Information
Language Title Publication Date Translator
Flag of Sweden Swedish Pyramiden 1999 N/A
Flag of the United Kingdom English The Pyramid 2008 Steven T. Murray and Ebba Segerberg
Flag of Germany German Die Pyramide   Wolfgang Butt
Flag of The Netherlands Dutch De jonge Wallander 2004 Rint Sybesma
Flag of France French ??    
Flag of Italy Italian Piramide 2006 Giorgio Puleo
Flag of Spain Spanish La pirámide 2005 Carmen Montes Cano
Flag of Spain Catalan La piràmide 2005 Ivette Miravitllas Pous
Flag of Spain Basque ??    
Flag of Norway Norwegian Pyramiden 2001 Kari Bolstad
Flag of Finland Finnish Pyramidi    
Flag of Denmark Danish Pyramiden    
Flag of Iceland Icelandic ??    
Flag of Portugal Portuguese ??    
Flag of Greece Greek ??    
Flag of Poland Polish ??    
Flag of Slovenia Slovenian ??    
Flag of Turkey Turkish ??    
Flag of Japan Japanese ??    
Flag of South Korea Korean ??    
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese ??    

Film Information
Released in 2007.

Product List
Image Title Notes Vendor
Product Thumbnail The Pyramid Publisher: Harvill Secker
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 448
ISBN: 1846550971, 978-1846550973
Released: 2008-09-04
Status: In Print
Markets:  Flag
Product Thumbnail The Pyramid: And Four Other Kurt Wallander Mysteries Publisher: The New Press
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 400
ISBN: 1565849949, 978-1565849945
Released: 2008-09-04
Status: In Print
Markets:  Flag Flag
Product Thumbnail Pyramiden Flag Publisher: Ordfront
Format: Paperback
Pages: 440
ISBN: 9170371709
Released: 2005-Jan
Status: In Print
Markets: Flag
Product Thumbnail Wallanders erster Fall Flag Publisher: Dtv
Format: Paperback
Pages: 464
ISBN: 3423207000
Released: 2004-March
Status: In Print
Product Thumbnail De jonge Wallander Flag Publisher: Dr Geus
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 512
ISBN: 9052268746
Released: 2004-10-20
Status: In Print
Product Thumbnail La pirámide Flag Publisher: Tusquets Editores, S.A.
Format: Paperback
Pages: 408
ISBN: 8483103028
Released: 2005-04
Status: In Print
Markets: Flag Flag Flag
Product Thumbnail La piràmide (Catalan) Publisher: Tusquets Editores, S.A.
Format: Paperback
Pages: 8483104075
ISBN: 360
Released: 2005-04
Status: In Print
Markets: Flag
DVD & Video
Image Title Notes Vendor
Product Thumbnail Pyramiden Flag DVD Logo Publisher: Buena Vista
Format: DVD, Region 2, PAL, Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Language: Swedish with Swedish Subtitles
Rating: 15+
Released: 2007-Nov-28
Status: In Print
Product Thumbnail Wallanders letzter Fall, Die Pyramide Flag DVD Logo Publisher: Buena Vista
Format: DVD, Region 2, PAL, Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Language: German
Rating: 16
Released: 2008-Jan-07
Status: In Print