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Yellow Bird Film Series
Beginning with Before the Frost and continuing with 25 new stories developed by Henning Mankell.
Innan Frosten DVD Cover
Before the Frost
1 - Innan frosten
Kurt Wallander and Linda face a religious fanatic intent on carrying out his personal version of God's will, at a brutal cost. Mysterious events mark this suspenseful drama. A flock of swans are burned to death. Shortly thereafter, a young woman is horribly murdered.

Linda graduated recently from the police academy and is assigned to Kurt's department. Tensions rise as the two try to find Linda's missing friend. He is sober after years of alcohol abuse, but can Linda trust him? They have to solve the case before more people are harmed.

Images from this film can be found on the Before the Frost page.
Byfånen DVD Cover
The Village Idiot
2 - Byfånen
When a man with long braids and an American Indian-style feather in his hair walks into a bank with what looks like a bomb around his neck, he demands that a precise sum of money be transferred to an account.

The bomb is real and his wishes are carried out, but it is obvious that someone is exploiting the man, known in the village as being intellectually handicapped.

Kurt Wallander and his colleagues face a long and complicated investigation. The case demands understanding of astrology, something that Kurt and his daughter Linda did not know that they had.
Bröderna DVD Cover
The Brothers
3 - Bröderna
Olof and Carolina Wrangel are found during a military exercise, murdered at their stately home. The wife was tortured and raped in front of her husband before they were both killed.

Who killed them and why? Kurt Wallander is under pressure from his superiors in Stockholm to find out. He has the help of his daughter Linda and Detective Stefan Lindman, who are proving that when it comes to police work they are just as good as Kurt.

The emerging evidence all seems to point to an act of revenge for a 20-year-old transgression.
Mörkret DVD Cover
The Darkness
4 - Mörkret
A white car is parked by a side road in the beautiful landscape of Scania in southern Sweden. A child sits alone without an adult in sight. The child's father has been reported as missing, while the mother is in a psychiatric institution, unresponsive and apathetic.

Kurt Wallander's failing health sees Linda take the lead in the case. It will touch her deeply as she discovers that the child has been unscrupulously tricked, exploited and humiliated.

Linda has never been so committed to solving a case. She has her boyfriend and colleague Stefan Lindman to help her, but even Kurt is drawn in, unknowingly and against his will.
Afrikanen DVD Cover
The African
5 - Afrikanen
Ystad's Social Democrats are putting up campaign posters for their candidate whose fight against anti-immigrant forces has cleansing Scania of its racist reputation as its No.1 priority.

Then a train rolls into the railway station in Gdansk in Poland - with a dead black man on board. It appears he was murdered in Ystad, where the train originated, making this a case for Kurt Wallander.

Most of the evidence points to a race crime, further strengthening prejudice against Scania. But the investigation takes an unexpected turn when the murder weapon is connected to one of Kurt's childhood friends.
Den svaga punkten DVD Cover
The Tricksters
6 - Den svaga punkten
A farmer is discovered dead in his stable and the police initially conclude his death is an accident. But as forensic details emerge, it becomes clear that the accident was staged to cover a murder.

Meanwhile Kurt meets a woman who he would like to see romantically.
Mastermind DVD Cover
7 - Mastermind
Someone has infiltrated the Ystad police station, effectively closing it down for several critical hours. The culprit is everywhere and nowhere, like a virus that is noticed far too late.

At the same time, Kurt Wallander is trying to comprehend the connection between his colleague Martinson's daughter Therese and a woman found hanged. And why has someone left a chopped-off doll's head in a field?

What is behind all these events, which must have taken years of planning? Wallander and Martinson are soon behaving like hunted animals.
Fotografen DVD Cover
The Photographer
8 - Fotografen
An American tourist is found dead and her husband demands the body and all her possessions be returned. But the woman had been visiting an internationally renowned photographer, who lives locally, fuelling the husband's long-held suspicion that she was being unfaithful.

Kurt Wallander takes an interest in the cuckolded husband and the dead woman believing there is more to the photographer than meets the eye. But he is surprised to learn that the dead woman was murdered, and that the motive is to be found far from Sweden.

And then more people die.
Täckmanteln DVD Cover
The Container Lorry
9 - Täckmanteln
When the police are called to investigate an abandoned container lorry they find it filled with dead bodies, including those of children. Human trafficking and a complicated ring of suspects, each part of a larger puzzle, emerge as the investigation unfolds.

Kurt finally gets a lead from an unlikely source, a group of local nuns, and a sports fan who fails to completely hide his true identity. But the case isn't over until Kurt can figure out who is really behind the smuggling.
Luftslottet DVD Cover
The Castle Ruins
10 - Luftslottet
Crusty old Greger Stehn and his equally unpopular dogs are poisoned with botulinum. Despite drawing out 20 million krone from the bank Greger lived in a hovel opposite a block of luxury flats where the wives are into yoga, keep fit and botox - which uses botulinum. The money has disappeared and the chief suspect is Johan Haartman, a plastic surgeon with heavy debts who was in the bank when Greger took out the money. Then he and his wife are also poisoned and their baby is fostered by a neighbour, whose child died in a cot death. Is she the killer? (Written by don @ minifie-1)
Blodsband DVD Cover
The Black King
11 - Blodsband
A woman is dead, and for once there is a suspect with an obvious motive. But Linda, Wallander's daughter, knows the suspect and is not convinced of his guilt. Stefan, Linda's lover and colleague, is certain, however, and with Kurt's backing digs into the man's background--with grave consequences. To prove the suspect's innocence Linda must solve the case herself. Is the murdered woman's interest in chess the key to solving the mystery?
Jokern DVD Cover
The Joker
12 - Jokern
A young girl witnesses her mother's murder, and a restauranteur is the primary suspect. Wallander and his team get outside help from another detective who's hot on the same man's trail. But his methods are shady and the young girl is too terrified to reveal what she knows.
Hemligheten DVD Cover
The Secret
13 - Hemligheten
A boy's body is discovered in an abandoned barn. The murder shocks Kurt, Linda and Stefan, but the crime and the suspects don't seem to match.

As they delve into the world of child abuse the characters are forced to come to terms with their own experiences and struggle with hidden demons. The battle is more than Stefan can take, and Kurt and Linda are left to deal with their grief and anger- and a dark secret from the past.
Hämnden DVD Cover
The Revenge
14 - Hämnden
Kurt Wallander has finally achieved his dream and bought a house by the sea, enjoying long summer evenings and strolls on the beach with his dog. But his peace and quiet is shattered when the town's power station blows up. As more acts of sabotage follow, Ystad is in chaos and Wallander fumbles in darkness as he tries to chase down the culprits.
DVD Cover
The Guilt
15 - Skulden
When a six-year-old boy disappears from pre-school, Wallander and the Ystad police join a desperate search to find him. Suspicions immediately fall on a paedophile recently released from prison, but as the investigation develops it becomes evident that the crime has its roots in relationships far more complicated than the police could ever have imagined.
DVD Cover
The Courier
16 - Kuriren
A motorbike racer is found dead and a girl is attacked by a dangerous dog. Clues to both crimes lead Wallander and the Ystad police to the local motorbike club, but are more powerful forces at play, and how far will they go to achieve their goals?
DVD Cover
The Thief
17 - Tjuven
When Ystad is hit by a wave of burglaries, a group of neighbours take matters into their own hands by guarding the streets at night. At the same time, a Polish builder is reported missing by his distraught wife. Neither case are deemed high priority, but Wallander and the Ystad police investigate and uncover more than they expected.
DVD Cover
The Cellist
18 - Cellisten
A Russian cellist is subject to a bomb attack following a performance in Ystad. It turns out that she is a witness in a murder prosecution against a member of the Russian mafia. The member in question is no less than the son of the big boss Leb Munchin himself.

Wallander and the Ystad police suddenly find themselves in the midst of a war against a powerful international enemy whose methods are merciless.
DVD Cover
The Priest
19 - Prästen
A priest is shot outside a hostel in Ystad in what looks like an attempted murder. Wallander and the Ystad police look for clues and hope that the priest will regain consciousness and be able to identify his assailant.
DVD Cover
The Leak
20 - Läckan
When a security van is robbed, Wallander suspects a leak inside the security company. The Ystad police investigate and Wallander seeks some expert advice from an old friend.
DVD Cover
The Sniper
21 - Skytten
When a small-time crook is killed by a sniper, Wallander and the Ystad police investigate. Meanwhile, trainee policeman Pontus is forced to consider his career and finds he has more than just a sniper to deal with when he receives a surprise visitor.
DVD Cover
The Angel of Death
22 - Dödsängeln
A choir of young women give an acclaimed guest performance in a country church outside Ystad. But when an 18-year-old member of the choir disappears, Wallander and the Ystad police are brought in to investigate. Initially it seems as if she left of her own free will, but soon traces are found that point in the opposite direction.
DVD Cover
The Ghost
23 - Vålnaden
Arson is suspected when a house burns to the ground following a gas explosion and a man and a woman are found dead. Wallander and the Ystad police investigate and uncover an intricate web of lies, betrayal and secret love affairs.
DVD Cover
The Heritage
24 - Arvet
When the wealthy owner of a successful cider business is found brutally murdered, suspicions fall on his family and workers and family secrets are revealed. But just when Wallander thinks he has worked it out, more deaths occur and he is back to square one, with his officers struggling to stay focused.
DVD Cover
The Collector
25 - Indrivaren
In her flat, a woman is found dead. Traces point to the victim’s ex-boyfriend, the bouncer Fabian. During the investigation however, Pontus realise that his colleague Isabel carries a dark secret from her past – a secret that has a connection to the case. Isabel’s future as a police is all of a sudden at risk, while at the same time her loyalty towards both Pontus and Wallander is put to the ultimate test.
DVD Cover
The Witness
26 - Vittnet
A little girl is hiding somewhere in Ystad. She has seen something terrible and must be put to silence at all cost. Meanwhile, a trafficking trial commences where Wallander and the prosecutor Katarina Ahlsell are threatened to life. The frightening situation forces them slowly to reassess their professions and lives. As the little girl herself contacts Wallander to tell him what she has seen, they both end up in a dramatic showdown with their lives at stake.