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Date Title
2010-12-14 Yellow Bird DVDs now available in US & France
2010-11-19 The Secret Life of Wallander revealed
2010-10-15 The Troubled Man in France 21 Oct; UK & US in Mar 2011
2010-01-05 Theme song from Wallander proves popular
2009-12-28 Series 2 of BBC's Wallander premiers Sunday, 3 Jan, 2010
2009-12-28 Swedish Yellow Bird DVDs no longer have English subtitles
2009-07-16 Yellow Bird Series 1 on BBC4 Mondays and Thursdays, web
2009-05-13 Henning Mankell at the Palestine Festival of Literature, 23-28 May
2009-05-04 Kenneth Branagh discusses Wallander in NYC on May 7th
2009-05-04 Kenneth Branagh's Wallander premiers in US May 10th on PBS
2009-05-04 Henning Mankell reveals Den orolige mannen as final Wallander
2009-01-04 Yellow Bird series 2 begins 9 Jan with Hämnden (The Revenge)
2008-12-08 BBC4 airs 'Who is Wallander' and Swedish films, also on web
2008-11-24 RadioTimes interviews Kenneth Branagh & Henning Mankell
2008-11-24 BBC promo for Wallander series airs
2008-11-02 BBC's Wallander starring Kenneth Branagh debuts 30 November
2008-03-23 Henning Mankell to speak in New York on Thursday, April 10th
2008-03-23 The Pyramid coming in English in Sept. 2008 for UK, US, Canada
2008-02-01 Henning Mankell to build village in Mozambique
2008-01-12 Kenneth Branagh to play Kurt Wallander in BBC series
2007-07-27 Shadows in Twilight out now, When the Snow Fell due in Sept.
2007-02-19 Johanna Sällström, Swedish actress, found dead
2007-02-19 Aussies getting Sidetracked with Kurt Wallander, Thurs, 22 Feb.
2007-01-24 Scandinavia House screens Wallander films in New York
2006-10-03 Small Feet Go Far brings Swedish culture to children in UK
2006-10-03 More Yellow Bird, Firewall DVDs coming to Sweden
2006-10-03 Mankell's Italienska skor (Italian Shoes) coming to Sweden
2006-09-07 South of Sweden magazine interviews Henning Mankell
2006-07-19 More news about UK films of Kurt Wallander series
2006-07-19 More Wallander films available in Sweden, Germany and Spain
2006-07-19 "On the trail of Sweden's most famous detective"
2006-06-22 City of Sveg builds Mankell Culture Center
2006-06-22 The Man Who Smiled coming to US and Canada in Sept. 2006
2006-06-22 Scandinavia House screening Wallander films in New York
2006-04-18 Ystads Allehanda launches "Wallander's Ystad" web site
2006-04-18 Review and interviews for Chronicler of the Winds
2006-04-18 Depths is next novel from Henning Mankell to appear in English
2006-03-23 Mankell's Chronicler of the Winds arrives in April
2006-03-23 Henning Mankell to speak in London, Saturday 1 April
2006-03-06 Five Spanish-language Wallander DVDs released
2006-03-06 Radio Sweden to interview Henning Mankell in English, Mar 20th
2006-02-10 Wallander DVD series continues from Yellow Bird Films
2006-02-09 Mankell mentioned in soccer article, travel tips
2006-01-17 Steget efter (One Step Behind) released on DVD this week
2005-11-11 El Retorno del Profesor de Baile released in Spain
2005-11-05 The Guardian reviews Mankell's A Bridge to the Stars
2005-10-26 Book reviews arrive for The Man Who Smiled
2005-10-19 Avant le gel (Before the Frost) released in French
2005-09-28 London screening of One Step Behind, Thursday 29 Sept.
2005-09-19 Henning Mankell to speak in Stockholm on Thursday, 22 Sept.
2005-08-29 The Man Who Smiled for sale in the UK and Australia this week
2005-08-11 Before the Frost on The Toronto Star's summer reading list
2005-08-11 Signed, numbered copies of The Man Who Smiled from Scorpion
2005-08-11 Film version of Steget Efter (One Step Behind) in Sweden
2005-07-18 La pirámide (The Pyramid) released in Spanish and Catalan
2005-06-26 Wallander fan meeting set for Sept. 3, 2005 in Berlin
2005-06-18 BBC to film adaptation of Mankell's Return of the Dancing Master
2005-06-15 Muro di Fuoco (Firewall) released in Italy
2005-06-15 New and upcoming Wallander DVD releases
2005-05-10 Discussion of Sidetracked scheduled for June 1st - 10th
2005-05-10 Henning Mankell's A Bridge to the Stars set for Fall 2005
2005-03-28 Wallander fan meeting scheduled for September 2005 in Berlin
2005-03-10 Mankell wins Gumshoe award, nominated by LA Times
2005-03-09 Mankell interview and review in the Washington Post
2005-02-14 Next novel from Henning Mankell announced: Kennedy's Brain
2005-02-10 English synopsis for The Man Who Smiled has arrived
2005-02-10 New review, article and possible award for Henning Mankell
2005-02-01 Before the Frost released in US
2005-01-26 Henning Mankell in Washington DC on January 29 & 30th
2005-01-13 Updates for new Kurt & Linda Wallander film/video series
2005-01-06 Henning Mankell reading and film screening in NYC on Feb 3rd
2005-01-05 Henning Mankell to speak in New York City on Feb 2nd
2004-12-17 Interview with Henning Mankell in Spiegel Online
2004-12-10 De jonge Wallander (The Pyramid) released in Dutch
2004-12-10 L'homme qui souriait for France in February 2005
2004-12-03 Painting from Wallander's father found (the one with the grouse)
2004-12-02 Online Trailer for Mankell's Before the Frost
2004-11-29 Cortafuegos (Firewall) released in Spain
2004-11-20 Audio books added to product listing
2004-11-20 Scenic photos from Ystad and other parts of Sweden
2004-10-11 Official website for Henning Mankell launches
2004-09-03 Before the Frost released in UK and Australia; three reviews
2004-08-22 Random House preparing Henning Mankell promotion in UK
2004-07-15 The Talisman TV series by Henning Mankell & Jan Guillou
2004-07-08 Desktop wallpapers for The Man Who Smiled
2004-07-07 English DVD for The Man Who Smiled now available
2004-06-21 Two essays from readers on Henning Mankell
2004-06-13 Summary of Mankell's appearance in New York, Summer 2004
2004-06-07 Introduction to the Wallander series from A N Wilson
2004-06-05 Firewall reviews from the UK press
2004-06-05 Translated synopsis of The Man Who Smiled
2004-05-31 Review of Henning Mankell's novel, Tea-Bag, at SBR
2004-05-29 Before the Frost at the Swedish Book Review
2004-05-25 New Kurt Wallander mini-story, The Grave, in Dutch
2004-05-11 Interview with Director Urs Egger
2004-04-19 Henning Mankell book tour in USA
2004-04-19 The Return of the Dancing Master was filmed in English
2004-04-16 NPR's Alphonse Vinh Muses on Kurt Wallander
2004-04-15 The Return of the Dancing Master DVD now for sale
2004-04-09 The Man Who Smiled now listed in Amazon catalog
2004-04-08 Official UK Firewall release and Guardian review
2004-04-07 Before the Frost synopsis and book covers have appeared
2004-04-07 Online video trailer for The Return of the Dancing Master film
2004-03-11 The Man Who Smiled coming to DVD in June
2004-03-11 Swedish film version of Return of the Dancing Master
2004-03-11 New actor chosen for role of Kurt Wallander
2004-03-05 Fiona Walker reviews Return of the Dancing Master
2004-02-27 Older Wallander films now available on DVD
2004-02-06 Swedish Television preparing 3 new Wallander films
2004-01-16 Return of the Dancing Master film to be shown on German TV
2004-01-16 The Man Who Smiled Film on Swedish and German TV
2004-01-16 Return of the Dancing Master reviewed at The Guardian
2004-01-14 Paul Verhoeven to direct new Kurt Wallander film set in USA
2004-01-07 Return of the Dancing Master Reviewed at The Observer
2004-01-05 Firewall Reviewed at the Toronto Star
2004-01-01 Publishing Schedule Updated
2003-12-24 Scandinavian Christmas
2003-12-03 Kurt Wallander email discussion list is open
2003-11-16 Henning Mankell Interview in the New York Times
2003-11-03 Stills posted from The White Lioness DVD
2003-11-02 Return of the Dancing Master released in UK and Europe
2003-11-01 Profile of Henning Mankell in The Guardian
2003-10-22 The White Lioness in numbered, signed edition
2003-10-13 13 new Wallander TV movies planned
2003-09-01 More Updates Coming Soon
2003-08-25 Movie stills from The Fifth Woman DVD added
2003-08-23 Firewall now available in paperback!
2003-08-21 Pictures from Ystad
2003-08-17 Looking at pressures faced by police in Lindh case
2003-08-10 Interview with Rolf Lassgård on
2003-07-02 Norwegian crime similar to Faceless Killers
2003-06-26 Interviews section updated
2003-06-19 Norwegian crime similar to Faceless Killers
2003-05-19 NPR Radio review of The Dogs of Riga
2003-04-30 The White Lioness DVD intro
2003-04-28 Swedish Mosque Set On Fire